Author, Psychotherapist, Educational Designer and Bias Consultant 

The Pacification of Humanity - is a truly unique literary experience. It will change your perspective on the world we live in. It will validate your concerns, explain your confusion and lead you to the light at the end of the dark tunnel of social repression, political chaos, race and culture.

ADDICTION: AM I Powerless -  is designed for the substance users who wants to determine for themselves if a real substance problem exists.  It will change your perspective on this problem and it is a great gift from a family member that is worried about someone that is struggling.  Before you give up, get this book.

Addiction Why They Use - will ease your anguish and resolve most of the confusion you have about the behavior of an alcoholic or addict that you love or care about.   Why They Use will undoubtedly expand your knowledge of this multifaceted and complex topic.  That is my personal guarantee to you.   If Addiction Why They Use doesn’t expand your awareness, I will personally discuss your situation with you at no charge.