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I wrote “Addiction: Why They Use” and “Addiction: Am I Powerless” with a sincere desire to lessen the suffering of families struggling with addiction. Whether you are dealing with a minor substance abuse problem or a major life threatening chronic illness these books were written to help you and your family recover.

Having worked and volunteered in the field of addiction for more than 30 years I have learned and developed many clinical tools and insights that I would like to share with you. In the books I share this information with the hope of lessening the torment you may be experiencing because of this dreadful disease.

I wrote the books for the whole family both the addicted, the addicted’s family and for other primary or significant figures in the addicted’s life. The idea is simple; we lessen the pain and confusion by understanding and depersonalizing the nature of the illness. By examining the facts and learning the truth, we free ourselves from the fear, stress and confusion.

I am a clinical professional not an academic.  I have direct experience with both real addicts and real families in chaos; decades of it.  I began my work with addicts back in the glory days of the 28-day treatment program in the 80's.  I have worked in nearly every modality of drug treatment. I’ve worked in and managed 28 days treatment programs, long term inpatient (more than 28 days) and  forensic/jail based programs.  I’ve  also worked in and developed Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), Non-Intensive Out Patient Treatment Programs (often referred to as drug counseling), early intervention, the creation of recovery houses and even in drug prevention programs working with elementary school children in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.

In addition to working with addicts directly I have also worked extensively with the family members and the loved ones of addicts regardless of their ages.  I have designed and conducted public education on many levels.  My private practice has been extremely successful but in order to share the awareness that I have attained with the greatest number of people I wrote the books. Buy them for your family.  I promise you they will greatly improve your perspective.  

In addition; I have also worked with many spiritual, cultural and religious groups.  Remember, addiction is a form of mental and spiritual disease that requires a comprehensive solution.  Being a chronic disease it affects a portion of the population regardless of religious affiliation, family nurturing, socioeconomic level, or emotional functioning.

Long after I attained my clinical education I decided to enter into a program at the University of Maryland for a degree in “Instructional Systems Development.” Here I attained more insight into educational design and information delivery.  I did this in order to increase the effectiveness of substance abuse education (like the books). 

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